Commonly asked Questions For NZAHT Members

Continuing Education / Logbooks

I am considering taking a break from clinical practice for travel/parental leave/other reasons. Do I need to keep accumulating points for my log book?

It is highly recommended that you continue updating and maintaining your professional development even while taking a break from practice. The HPCA requires evidence of ongoing continuing professional development to maintain Annual Practicing Certificates (APC). If you chose not to keep a current APC it is important to check with your Professional Registration Board as there are additional requirements to return to practice, depending on the length of time off. A therapist must be a member of their parent body (NZAOT or PNZ), to be a member of the NZAHT Inc. Be proactive and inform the NZAHT Executive of your intentions and get their advice earlier rather than later.

If I take a break from practice and do not maintain my membership what happens when I want to return?

For an Associate Member, Rule 4) a) Maintenance Criteria iii) A lapse of associate membership can be re-established by the accumulation of 20 points within a one year period and a penalty payment. For a Registered Member 4) b) Maintenance Criteria ii) A lapse of Registered membership can be re-established by the accumulation of 45 points within a one year period and a penalty payment.

What happens if I am short of my log book points?

You need to PLAN ahead. There are lots of options for ongoing education that do not involve attending workshops or conference etc. Check the "Log Book Points Schedule" –you could submit an article review to Fingerprints, do a peer review, be a committee member.....Think outside the obvious......do a notes audit, organize a HT coffee group, peer review or meet over Skype. There are lots of options. Document what you have done and send any evidence so points allocation can be decided on. Inform the Executive if you have exceptional circumstances.

Schedule of points for Logbook

Achieving Registered Membership Status

I am an Associate member and would like to become a Registered Member. How do I do this?

There are 3 different pathways to choose from. Refer to Registered membership criteria rule 4) b) in NZAHT Rules. NZAHT rules, document in members area Check the Application form for Registered Membership: LINK HERE

What are the criteria for the case study option?

Click on the case study criteria document at this address

Case Study Criteria Document

I am thinking of obtaining Registration via Pathway 3 as I have done some earlier post graduate study relevant to Hand and upper limb treatment and rehabilitation- what else do I need to consider?

See 'Guidelines for Pathway 3' in NZAHT documents below. Refer to Registered membership criteria rule 4) b) in NZAHT Rules (link below) NZAHT rules - document in members area.

Pathway 3 Guidelines 2013.pdf

Pathway 3 Application 2013.pdf

I am an experienced hand therapist with no post graduate qualifications relevant to HT. Do I need to do the HAULT module at AUT to obtain Registration?

Pathway 2 may be more appropriate, if you have appropriate membership to an overseas Association then you can submit supporting evidence, your CV and letter from a NZ Hand Surgeon or Therapist to the Exec for consideration, or consider doing the Certified Hand Therapist Qualification (CHT) from Hand Therapy Certification Commission (HTCC) first. Refer to Registered membership criteria rule 4) b) in NZAHT Rules (link below) NZAHT rules, - document in members area. Check the Application form for Registered Membership: LINK HERE

Whom should I contact with queries regarding the HAULT course at AUT?

Please refer to this page: Education and Work. Or contact: christie.oldfield(at)aut.ac.nz


I am a new supervisor for an associate member-what to I need to do?

What payment can supervisors expect?


How do I access the member's only area of the NZAHT website?

You must be a member of the NZAHT to do this. You must enter your e-mail address and password to 'login' or access the member's only area

Forgotten your password or not yet registered for the member's only area?

Follow the prompts to obtain a new password or register after you have attempted to enter a member's only area.

How do I access the onlinejournals the NZAHT subscribes to?

You must be a member of the NZAHT and have a login email and password (see above).

Open 'Journals Online' tab in the 'Member's Area' index and enter your email and password.Follow the prompts. The NZAHT subscribes to Journal of Hand Therapy, Journal of Hand Surgery (American and European versions), Hand Clinics and Hand Therapy (previously British Journal of Hand Therapy).


What is the procedure around getting own HT contract as a registered member and as an associate living in an area without a registered HT (supervised from a distance)?

Please refer to Hand Therapy Services Operational Guidelines on the ACC website.

What are the ACC rules in regards to number of hand therapy treatments under the contract?

If you are a contract holder you should have a copy of the HT contract, please refer to that and ACC profile numbers. If you have further questions contact the ACC committee

Does NZAHT have a 'typical' HT assessment form for the first assessment of a patient?

No, the NZAHT does not have a typical form. Many Hand Therapy clinics have created there own forms to suit their requirements. If you are creating your own, remember to include all requirements of the contract such as functional goals, an outcome measure and informed consent.

With regards to the HT05 reactivation code, when is it appropriate to use this code, and what does it cover?

This code allows for a stand alone re-assessment outside of the normal timeframes, i.e. greater than 12 months post injury or 12 months post surgery.

The purpose is to allow for re-assessment so that sufficient information can be collected for either completion of an ACC32 request or onward referral.

There is no allowance for splinting costs with this code, and any required splinting costs would need to be prior approved (via the ACC32 process).

You would need to specify the cost of splinting that you would require at this time along with any treatment consultations required.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further queries.


ACC committee